A different kind of control freak. That’s you. Your Control, Your Way.

We craft controls for every kind of analysis, using meticulously sourced 100% human matrices and the purest drugs possible. The secret ingredient? Our passion for control—driven by your dedication to achieving truth in test results.

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  • The Craft of Control


    Collect, test, and prep the matrix.
    Right from the start, some matrices are destined to be in control.

    50 mL
  • The Craft of Control


    Weigh and measure the drugs, and create the spiking solution.
    Creating control is a heavy responsibility. Which is why we weigh our drugs so diligently.

    10 ng/mL
  • The Craft of Control


    Add the spiking solution to the matrix.
    Spiking solution, meet matrix. And just like that, a control is born.

  • The Craft of Control


    Pump control into product vials.
    Our lives would be emptier without control. And so would our vials.

  • The Craft of Control


    Lyophilize or freeze, and package control.
    Letting go of control is hard. Knowing it’s going into good hands makes it easier.


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  • Fentanyl Analogues 5 ng/mL

    Product #10186

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  • Fentanyl Analogues 2 ng/mL

    Product #10189

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    Product #81820

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